Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Second hand upper hand

I love charity shops! It had been something that has been instilled in me by my mum I think. When I was a kid she used to drag me around them and I commend her for carrying on even though I did not appreciate it at the time, I eventually grew to love second hand shopping. It's just great when you find something that you've been looking for, that's quirky, original, better quality and half the price (or less) than what it would cost anywhere else and of course, if you find it in a charity shop, you are giving money to charity and not a large scale corporate company. I also feel like it gets better when you practice! I feel like I know what to look for and what I like, but of course there is always more to learn.

Unfortunately I cannot even indulge in one of my favourite pastimes without spending money which I do not have right now, so I decided that I needed to sell a few things, maybe including these trousers,  I'm using asos marketplace for the first time, so we'll see how that goes.
I managed to score this vintage shirt and trousers for a very reasonable price at a charity shop, I decided to style them with my vintage hat that I got from Oxfam a while ago.

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