Sunday, 27 November 2011


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and experience the same joy that this dog is experiencing!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


This is a bit of a random post, I mean that it's a bit late and not really relevant to anything going on in my life right now, but anyway...I recently went to New York (October) and having seemingly forgotten to take many photo's the usual things good bloggers would take photo's of, I wasn't left with much content form my trip to blog about. It was an art related trip anyway, so I was busy with that. I was lucky enough to visit some of my relatives there and have some delicious food and do some exploring too, it was a good trip and I can't wait to go back again soon! I have visited New York once before and managed in that time to visit most of the main touristy places, this time around was spent mostly in the outer boroughs, Queens, Brooklyn, Coney Island and on one day we visited the Bronx.

We were shown around a Brooklyn a bit by a local Brooklyn-er/ite, he showed us the areas where different immigrants had settled and made their distinctive marks on their areas. It was really interesting to see how the neighbourhoods changed as we drove through, this was mostly evident through the restaurants. We dropped in on this small Mexican grocery store that doubled as a bar at the back, where he said many of the hard working Mexican immigrants would come after work to get drunk. Anyway, this is leading to the fact that I love food and I am interested in the way cultures are represented by food and New York is like a massive melting pot of cultures and probably one of the best places to go if you want to try great food.

Mexican Sushi

A Bar in China town

While we were there we ate great Thai food, Vietnamese food, Mexican Sushi, big sandwiches, giant pizza, delicious fresh bagels and the best doughnuts ever! (We also went to a couple of interesting traditional style diners, which I wouldn't recommend, they were ok, but nothing special, the setting was more interesting than the food).

Court Square Diner, Queens

So anyway, the doughnuts! They came from this small place in Brooklyn called Dough, which we would walk past late every night on our way home (the place we were staying) and even at 1 or 2 am we would see people in this small shop preparing and cooking the doughnuts! You could tell the doughnuts would be good if they made them all fresh on site the night before. It was only on the last day that we actually bought and ate some - probably good really, or I would have wanted one every day form then on. They had awesome flavours from lemon meringue to hibiscus! There is actually a good more detailed post on this blog here, if you have a passion for or wish to read more about amazing doughnuts.

hazelnut chocolate (Nutella), lemon meringue, Cappuccino, and Hibiscus.

So..well, this post isn't just about doughnuts, it's kind of my brief coverage of my trip to New York, hopefully if I go again soon I will have a bit more to say.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Back to back to back

Hi, I'm back...from being elsewhere. Lots of things have happened, lots of new things are happening. I've moved to London! Finally after a long time planning. I've also started an MA at Chelsea College. I am a student again, except this time it's very different. I'm still yet to explore London properly, still actually learning how areas connect to each other. I have visited London many times, but of course when you travel only by tube all the time you miss the bigger picture. I also only really ever visited for a specific thing or in the day time, so I don't really know much about where to explore...any seasoned Londoners out there, I'd really like to hear about your favourite places to explore in London.

What I really love about our new flat is that it's not a cave like our other horrible damp, dark, almost subterranean flat we used to live in, which means I can take pictures indoors if I need to. It's very nice. I've found that when I've not been posting outfits and also not having to go to work at a job that I need to be vaguely presentable at, I've sort of forgotten how to wear my clothes. I looked through all my stuff and thought..I don't remember how I used to wear that...it was strange. I think also not having the internet or having time to read other blogs added to that problem, I get a lot of inspiration from other blogs, more than I realised.

Testing out the classic jump shot, while no doubt annoying my neighbours in the flat below.

Skirt: Brighton Market
Top: Thrifted
Cardigan: New Look
Shoes: Bass (Etsy)

Below is how I wore the whole outfit, including outdoor accessories, I thought it looked better with more things on, I think the hat helps to make the skirt look more deliberately wintery and not so confused between being a summer and a winter item, if you get what I mean...