Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Nails and nerves

Hello, I've notice that I haven't posted for almost a week and because I'm trying not to slip into a habit of not posting for long periods of time, I thought I'd break the silence with a quick, lo-fi picture of my Ombre/got-my-fingers-stuck-in-a-door nails. I had hoped to do a tute on these but every time I tried I had to get up and do something and thus, ended up messing them up. When I finally did them right I was too tired to write anything. Not that 'doing my nails' made me tired, I think I was tired from all the worrying, there were many things to worry about last night and the night before. I'm a bit of a worrier, unfortunately it is one of my 'default' emotions, though I'm sure many people have been worried over the past few days. I know worrying doesn't help, I try to focus on all the creative and productive things that people are capable of and try to believe that every person is capable of them.

I hope everyone in the cities affected by the riots are alright, or as alright as they can be.

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