Thursday, 18 August 2011

Brighton Fleas

I was thinking about the the phrase Flea Market, I tried looking up on wikipedia to find out where it originated from, it implied that one of the reasons for the name was because markets were places where one picked up fleas, presumably from all the dodgy second hand/used wares. Luckily today (or maybe always) it is quite difficult to pick up fleas from a flea market, mostly because they prefer animal hosts and don't generally hang about on clothing or old records or mismatched crockery...so yea. A nice lead into the what I did this weekend. I'm lucky, because my sister lives in Brighton and me and my partner get to regularly visit and one of the best things about wandering around Brighton is all the flea markets/thrift shops. If you're a local or have even just visited Brighton before, you'll probably have heard of Snoopers Paradise, which is a large space filled with loads of different vendors' stalls filled with treasures. There's also a vintage clothes shop above now, which has very beautiful things, but don't expect to find a bargain there. I more recently have decided that one of the bestest places to shop is probably the Brighton Sunday morning market at the mariner (used to be right by the train station).

Most things here are still well priced (by that I mean, they know their worth) but you can still pick up a bargain and obviously having the vendor right there, you are able to barter prices down-which I enjoy.

I managed to pick up a couple of good things, it was bad really, as I should have been restraining myself, but the problem with second hand shopping, as many people will know, is that if you see a bargain you know you won't find again, you have to buy it then and there!!! (p.s these pictures don't really do it justice, I was in a bit of a hurry taking pictures).

The next great place to go, if you're staying in Brighton, is Lewes. It's a short train ride (or car journey) from Brighton. A very lovely picturesque town with lots of civilised cake shops and nice places to have lunch. There are loads of antique shops here, the main high street has at least 5, with one massive one on several floors. Again, things are well priced, but if you're savvy you can find a bar-gain.

and what were the treasures that we picked up during our journeys around the markets you ask...I shall save that for another post, I've already gone on far too long.

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