Saturday, 6 August 2011


Here I am striking poses in the Jardin, a pretty simple outfit with a few accessories to make it more interesting. This is the first time wearing my scarf-turned-into-a-waistcoat thing that I made as an experiment, it works well to make a basic outfit a bit more snazzy, also I didn't feel like having my bum on show today, so the long length of the scarf thing covered it up. Do you ever feel like that? Just like you have a bit too much shape on show? Maybe I'm just weird, I'm thinking Man Repeller layering here, only with just one layer...it's a start.

I'm well tired today, stayed up late last night after receiving some rather exciting news, which means many things are about to change fast! The news basically meant that me and my partner are now able to study on a Fine Art MA this year, starting October!!!! There is a huge mental list forming in my head, along with moving house, moving city and moving jobs (or leaving a job) there are many art projects coming up! Arg! Exciting but scary is how I would sum up this moment in time.

Top: Gap
Jeans: All Saints
Sandals: Urban Outfitters


  1. Loving what you've done with the scarf to turn it into a waistcoat! Looks great xx

  2. Thanks! I discovered your blog the other day, I like! Thanks for introducing me to that Polish artist, those paintings are great.