Monday, 22 August 2011

How you say...

Something I've always discussed in my mind, with myself, is what the importance of fashion is, I think I have a bit of an insecure complex that being interested in fashion will somehow make certain people see me as shallow. I personally do not think this about people who are interested in fashion, although I know there are elements of this in the 'Fashion world' this doesn't necceassrily reflect on people who have a passion for fashion/clothes/style. What I like about the fashion blogging world (what I know of it so far) is that while bloggers like to discuss fashion and what they wore everyone knows that the blogger has more to their life than clothes, but clothing and style for some people is a way of communicating something about themselves, which I really enjoy getting involved in. I'm interested in how this is reflected in all aspects of society. And so, I would like to link to this post by Madeline of Jean Greige about fashion and how it fits in the great scheme of things. Her whole blog is pretty good too, check it out.

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