Thursday, 25 August 2011

Small Haul

Here's some pictures of the small haul I made during my trip to Brighton Sunday market, I probably shouldn't have bought this stuff, but the prices were good and I was hungry! The cape in particular was a bargain at £12! I've seen capes like this on ebay going for £30-£40, it has a few moth holes, but I don't mind fixing that. Apparently I look like some kind of old fashioned police man or witch when I wear it, which I think is great!

The buttons on it are really nice too.

I got the skirt and top together at the same stall, the skirt is a great cobalt blue and silk! I wore the skirt the day after I got it and lasted about 2 hours before I dropped food on it, which left a small stain (I'm great). The top is very cute hand crocheted.

I'm sort of starting to look forward to Autumn now, I feel a bit bad for giving up on the summer, but I'll be happy to start wearing boots and coats (and my new cape) and not going out with a coat on then getting too hot and having to carry it around all day and then getting cold again. Yea Autumn! I bet it will be boiling in September!

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