Thursday, 4 August 2011

DIY cross sunglasses

Hi, here's my first step by step diy, in June I posted this and have just been waiting for a cheap pair of mirrored sunglasses to catch my eye. I bought this pair for Urban Outfitters in the sale for £5.

Here's a gorgeous picture of me wearing them before I diy'ed them. They're fairly basic plastic sunglasses nothing special...and here's how to make them into jazzy crossed sunglasses (really it's pretty easy, I'm sure you probably worked out how to do it yourself, but nevermind...)

1: Place electric or masking tape in the cross shape over the lenses (I like electric tape because it's more flexible and easier to peel off). Make sure you're happy with the placement. Where ever the tape is, is where you will be seeing out of. Push the tape into the edges where the frame meets the lense.

2: Slightly peel off the tape at the outer edge, there should be a crease where you pushed the tape into the frames. Carefully cut around this line, don't cut on the line, but leave tiny bit of room around it, this will mean when you tape it down to the lense again, their won't be a gap. Tape the edges back down, making sure there are no gaps around the edges.

3: Spray with a spray paint of your choice, I chose matte black because that's what I had in my cupboard and as it was my first go I thought I'd play it safe. You could use any colour, in fact a lighter colour would have looked good against the dark mirror lenses.

4: Leave to dry, apply another layer if needed. Make sure the paint is totally dry, then carefully peel off the tape. Ta da!

It turned out alright, I think it would have more impact if the lenses were lighter or silver rather than this purpley blue colour, the crosses are more subtle.

...like the 90's saturation?

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