Thursday, 21 July 2011

Holy day finale

A few pics accumulated from various stages of the holiday, one of which is a picture of me riding a motorbike for the first time evar!!! I didn't go beyond 1st gear, but still, I now feel like if I ever needed to jump on a motorbike during some sort of zombie attack/Apocalypse/something...I would be able to drive it.

View over Looe from a nearby hill top.

While we were in Looe we went to visit the boys' Uncle and Aunt who have a really nice farm house in Liskeard, they both used to be really into bikes and still had a small one they use now and then, they let us have a ride around their garden, good fun!

A sand fox.

View of the coastline from when we walked to Polperro.

This is the sort of outfit I'd likely wear to work, with the exception of the shoes, I'd wear more shoe-like shoes, or slightly smarter shoes. The skirt is my contribution to the tribal trend going on at the moment, I bought it as a long skirt from Oxfam and cut it short- it were a bargain!

Skirt: Oxfam
Top: 2nd hand shop
Shoes: converse
Bag: Dooney & Bourke

I'm liking that all these recent outfit photo's I've been standing in amongst hedge or rocks, makes a change from the city.

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