Monday, 18 July 2011

Great Lantic Bay

Our second day of holiday brought beautiful sunshine and clear skies, lucky us! I had to make sure we went to the best beach ever while it was a nice day. When I was a kiddo me and my family stayed in a cottage near this beach a few times and a few years ago I rediscovered it, it's gorgeous. You have to take a rather treacherous steep walk down to the beach, but it's worth it, it doesn't get too busy either because of the walk.

From holiday

I love all the craggy rocks along the coast of Cornwall, but this beach has some particularly great specimens to climb over and explore. Also the water is so clear and blue, it almost looks like a tropical beach somewhere in another country. However I went swimming and it was FREEZING I'm not sure if I've swam in water that cold before, the lower half of my body went numb (and I'm usually pretty good at swimming in colder waters). I went back in later in the afternoon and it seemed to have warmed up a bit, there were also lots of tiny fish fry swimming about too!

Dress: diy
Shoes: Converse
Sunglasses: TKmaxx

For the beach I threw on this light dress that I made from some cheap stretchy cotton fabric that I bought from the market and bleached into this slightly wonky chevron pattern. I was attempting to make a dress I saw on an episode of SATC, I might give it another go some time (fabric only cost £1.50 a metre). The dress was ideal for negotiating the rocks and walking about, also easy to throw over a bathing suit.

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