Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Today I went outside

Yes, it's been sunny and rainy and thundery! Today at work I looked outside and thought it was snowing! It turned out to be blossom blowing around in the wind, lovely.

This is the first time I actually went outside on the street to take an outfit photo, it was a little awkward, this is only a few yards from my door and the street is fairly quiet, but there were a few times when someone would walk around the corner while I was mid pose and I felt a little silly, oh well it was an interesting exercise of confidence and not caring what other people think if you.

Just trying out a new skirt I bought from my new favourite second hand shop, they have a vintage section, but the stuff they have there is really reasonably priced and they have nice basics like this skirt and shirts and trousers. I really haven't been out much lately, starting to feel a like a bit of a square, I'm sure it won't last long.

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