Saturday, 31 March 2012

Sick Obsession

That title is a bit overdramatic really. The thing is, I've been sicky poo! all week with a horrible spring cold which has left me a bit zombified. No colds all winter, now big fat cold. So, while I was slobbing around in a pool of mucus I watched some films on the iplayer, one of which was a 90's rom-com B-movie called 'Wishful Thinking' starring Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Beals.

It wasn't a great film but it kept me entertained, mostly because I became a bit obsessed with Drew's character's style and was screen snapping throughout the film. I know the 90's fashion trends are SO NOW-right now and everyone's already gone on about them long enough, but I did enjoy seeing the outfits and remembering the style, because those were the fashions that were around when I was first becoming aware of fashion and picking my own things to wear.

I don't think I ever dressed quite the same Drew does in this film with lots of kitsch accessories and clashing pattern and colour. But I do remember owning a couple of velour skirts and tops, in particular a rather questionable velour, turquoise, turtleneck tank top with, kind of, silver splats on it from Miss Selfridge- aces.

I think this is my favourite outfit.

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