Thursday, 8 December 2011

Stripes and Boots

I've been playing with Piknik and even though these photo effects I'm using give that typically overused vintage quality, I do quite like it, I think it just takes the 'edge' off the image, literally of course, y'know with the rounded edges - haha! But also it makes it a bit more fuzzy and makes them look like more distant, like they've been taken by someone else and they're even of someone else. Do you know what? They just make things look better!

As money grows thinner, (living in London is quite an adjustment, not having a full time job is an even bigger one). I've been looking at selling or re-vamping some of items in my wardrobe. I've also been enjoying visiting the local flea market in which there is an awesome shop that has things priced waaay too temptingly. I've got to reign that it, but I have managed to find a few things there that have fulfilled some of my cravings at a much lower price. I got these DM's for just £15! I had been looking for some DM's to replace my existing DM's that are a bit too big, so now I can sell my old ones, it's a good cycle. I also bought this sweater and a great wool shirt £7 for both! Like I said I still need to ease off the buying. This is where I turn to chopping or altering my existing wardrobe. The skirt..it used to be longer, now it needs hemming though.

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