Friday, 9 December 2011

Collected from the ether

I've thought about making a regular post showing all those things, ideas, pictures, recipes, films etc. that you come across over a period of time (like a month). I've seen a lot of other bloggers doing this and I always enjoy seeing the collections of things they've found or have been doing. I'd like to think of title a bit more creative than 'collected from the ether' but I'm sure I can go back and change this if I think of something better.

So here's what I've seen....

I love this idea for making a wreath, you could maybe spray paint one or two of the succulents in metallic paint to make it more christmassy, but it's still a lovely house decoration.

Photo from Honestlywtf.com

These shoes from asos, perfectly elegant with a touch of extravagance, good for the 'party' season, whatever that means...I just like them, but they've ran out of my size!

This explanation of why cats behave...like cats:

Source unknown

This ring from etsy shop Moon Raven Designs - actually I've had my eyes on this for ages.

Bronze chameleon lizard ring - Moon Raven Designs on etsy

This lovely lady has such clever diy's and only started her blog less than a year ago.

Have got round to watching True Grit, after all the hoo-ha and oscar blah-de-blah, not a bad movie, most Cohen brothers films are decent.

True Grit

After watching True Grit, I was reminded of this post of 'teen blog' Rookie. Which I quite enjoyed.. it does seem like these kids nowadays are basically interested in the same things that were going on when I was a kid...ha! I sound old. But actually it's quite an interesting blog, the young writers are very capable (probably more capable than me) at writing interesting and relevant topics for young ladies growing up in the modern western world.

Screenshot of Rookiemag.com

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