Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Joyeux Yule!

Just a quick post to say:

Merry Yule to you-all!

Yule marks the shortest day and the middle of winter, which is great because it means from here on the days get longer and lighter! Yay!
Here's a scan of a christmas card I made, it's a lino print. Anyone familiar with lino or block printing will know that everything you carve in your design will turn out back to front or mirrored, so it's important to remember to make sure all wr
iting is backwards on your lino or block! Even though I remembered this fact I still managed to screw up one of the letters, I put this down to mild dyslexia or maybe just not concentrating hard enough (I always did have a problem with capital 'N's), unfortunately I'm not young enough to give this card to relatives and have them think it's cute that I've made a mistake, oh well I still it came out quite well despite this.

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