Thursday, 17 November 2011

Back to back to back

Hi, I'm back...from being elsewhere. Lots of things have happened, lots of new things are happening. I've moved to London! Finally after a long time planning. I've also started an MA at Chelsea College. I am a student again, except this time it's very different. I'm still yet to explore London properly, still actually learning how areas connect to each other. I have visited London many times, but of course when you travel only by tube all the time you miss the bigger picture. I also only really ever visited for a specific thing or in the day time, so I don't really know much about where to explore...any seasoned Londoners out there, I'd really like to hear about your favourite places to explore in London.

What I really love about our new flat is that it's not a cave like our other horrible damp, dark, almost subterranean flat we used to live in, which means I can take pictures indoors if I need to. It's very nice. I've found that when I've not been posting outfits and also not having to go to work at a job that I need to be vaguely presentable at, I've sort of forgotten how to wear my clothes. I looked through all my stuff and thought..I don't remember how I used to wear that...it was strange. I think also not having the internet or having time to read other blogs added to that problem, I get a lot of inspiration from other blogs, more than I realised.

Testing out the classic jump shot, while no doubt annoying my neighbours in the flat below.

Skirt: Brighton Market
Top: Thrifted
Cardigan: New Look
Shoes: Bass (Etsy)

Below is how I wore the whole outfit, including outdoor accessories, I thought it looked better with more things on, I think the hat helps to make the skirt look more deliberately wintery and not so confused between being a summer and a winter item, if you get what I mean...

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