Wednesday, 31 August 2011


My gawd, it's felt so Autumnal the past few days! I've really had that strong Auntumny feeling, I can't put my finger on what it is exactly, it's almost an instinctual thing perhaps, the leaves aren't quite brown yet, but the light is different and the airs smells different, maybe it is a plant/vegetation thing? Something that the trees produce or stop producing this time of year...? Like in that film The Happening, I know that film was a bit shite though, but it had an interesting concept.

I noticed in pictures, that if I don't smile, like, really put on a smile, it comes out in pictures looking like I have a right moody face...I think I feel a bit odd smiling at nothing in particular, maybe I need to find a technique, like thinking of something funny that will make me smile. This outfit is my menswear/horse woman inspired outfit, I do like horsey clothing, I like the way it looks sort of uniform like, I'm also a fan of military style details. I bought some jodhpurs which I'm looking forward to wearing when it gets a bit colder. I know they're kind of the trend for the next season, but they also make sense practically for the colder months. They're really comfy and warm, but have interesting details like the seams that have been originally designed for practicality when horse riding, but look interesting too.

Anyway, this jacket is a genuine horse riding jacket (looks a bit like a fox hunting jacket) that I got from Oxfam, it's really nice, I love the velvet detail along the back of the neck that stops the wool from making your neck itchy and it has great gold brass buttons.

Jacket: Oxfam
Shirt: Oxfam
Jeans: all saints
Shoes: all saints
Bag: Coach (gift from my mum)

The whole outfit is super preppy! But I like to dress around a stereotype, I think it helps me. p.s I need to work on my photo skillz, these are a bit over exposed.

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