Saturday, 27 August 2011

Air, hair, lair

I've reached the point, again, where I get tired of my hair, I've been trying to grow it long for about 3 years, yes I think it is three years. In that time it has grown from shoulder length to just below the shoulders with only 4 trims during that time. It seems like it takes forever to grow, I believe some people have quick growing hair, I have slow grow hair. Maybe I'm impatient...? No, know I am impatient. I regularly went through the cycle of trying to grow my hair, getting fed up and cutting it, getting tired of short hair, vowing to grow it long again...repeat...This is probably the longest I've ever had it and I'm beginning to waiver again. I made the decision a while ago that because my hair is so thick, it is better long, when my hair is short it can have a tendancy to poof out like a mushroom! When it's long it can instead be (when maintained) a lovely flowing head of thick poofy hair, which is preferable to a mushroom a-top my head. But I have a fantasy of having cool, cropped straight hair like this:

Original source of photo unknown (found on Heart Charlie)

It looks so easy and cool! yes it's twice cool. It won't get trapped under my armpits when I'm lying in bed (which my longer length has started doing-does anyone else have this problem!?) and would be so much easier to maintain, or so I think, in reality it would probably need lots of straightening and product to keep it from swelling into the infamous mushroom. Then I see this lovely wavy thick hair and think, if I grow it a bit more it could resemble something similar...maybe.

Alisa Xayalith, photographed for asos magazine

Anyway, I've ranted on long enough about hair, it's better to get it out of my system, this way I will forget about it and maybe leave another it to grow another 3 inches for another 3 years - ho ho!.

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